Established in 2004, Shanghai BiShiTe Door & Window Co., Ltd. has become a green building energy-saving product platform, exporting green building energy-saving technology, products, construction, services and overall solutions. At the same time, Bictech is regarded as “industrial decoration”. The promoters have been focusing on the latest technologies for research and development of indoor energy-saving decoration, as well as high-compartment material production technology. Currently, they have obtained more than 10 patented technologies including inventions.

          Through the Green Building Alliance, the company has introduced a variety of inorganic green environmental protection decorative materials, integrated various types of zero-formaldehyde products, and launched the “zero-formaldehyde decoration” service under the premise of satisfying various decorative effects, and made a solemn commitment to create a domestic “ The zero formaldehyde decoration service is the first of its kind.

          In order to promote the development of the green building industry, we have developed our own unique advantages. We plan to establish 100 branches in the country in the next five years to build a flagship enterprise in China's green energy-efficient construction industry.

          Shanghai Bi Shite Doors & Windows Co., Ltd. is a company, and it is a platform for entrepreneurial cooperation and win-win. It integrates four platforms, one is the designer platform, the other is the green building materials platform, the third is the engineering construction platform, and the fourth is The entrepreneurial platform is a partner of all employees, regardless of whether you join the position and strength of the company today. The mission of the company is to train you into a partner, shareholder, and real owner of the company. The owner of the special shares, and provide you with all the environment to help you to work towards this goal, than time to look forward to working with you to work together for a win-win development.



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